Mission: Empowering Women in business with clarity and direction using spiritual principles

Purpose: to share developed & experienced proven prosperity principles in business 

Vision: lead as a healthy example 

Values: Truth, Vitality, Leadership, Clarity, Divine Guidance 

Thriving in Your Business

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Jayne radiates clarity and a light-ness to her step.  She is a successful business woman who as a realtor and prosperity coach assists business women using spiritual practices.  Jayne has spent decades shifting her own unwanted habits including a busy mind that whipped her daily and many familial patterns that brought out insecurities in herself and lack in her business bottomline. 

Jayne helps business women develop mindful practices to bring a calmer state of mind, clarity, deeper intimate connections with their significant.  Everything starts within.    

Let her share systems to make your path easier especially in health, relationships and in your business finances. It starts with our limiting beliefs. We can  use techniques like” interrupting words” when we are triggered.  Specific prayers are utilized using our name to awaken our inner power and to assist us in rewiring our brain, also known as neuroplasticity.

This is a 30-second video with a mantra.  It’s simple and powerful.  It rewires your brain regarding a mindset of having lots money.  “I’ve always got lots”

Jayne is an advanced, professional healer and intuitive/psychic, honing this skill through 24 years of business development training including  a certificate in Conscious Studies. She clearly sees the blueprint of each person’s life path and their business blocks, and Jayne graciously navigates you away from unconscious/subconscious ‘programming’that inevitably hold you back and keep you stuck in a loop.   

Jayne hosted a successful business prosperity radio show known as the Prosperity Power Hour 48 Podcasts: Unity Online Radio .   Jayne is currently the Senior Minister of an online Spiritual Center. 

Jayne also owns a real estate company called Real Estate with R & R located in Glenwood Springs, CO.  People often ask Jayne why she coaches and works as a realtor. Jayne has the energy of three.

Jayne loves to help others grow their business which often includes their assets like buying homes and creating a portfolio of investment properties.

Prosperity Jayne’s gifts to you :  a free book email,  jc@sopris.net or enjoy 6-Minute Inspirational Messages

We take the pledge as professionals to be filled with vitality, healthy in our relationships with self and others while simultaneously enjoying our financial independence!  “I give thanks that I am now rich, well, and happy, and that my financial affairs are in Divine Order.  Every day, in every way, I am growing richer and richer.”—Catherine Ponder  

Testimonials:  “amazing results”“dramatically improved financial results” … 
“anxieties and fears melted away around money and growing my business”…
“gained more confidence” … “received clarity and direction in my business and personal life” …”received tools to maintain a successful life”

  • Learn your underlying sabotage pattern and re-wire from the inside for a successful business 
  • Change your story with 3 simple tools: Move from victim, to hero in your business
  • Do it for you and watch how others treat you with more respect (even teenagers)
  • Release any old limiting money, relationships and health stories and enjoy your successful business
  • Discover ways to harness your inner power in service of your highest purpose

Call Jayne  970-230-0009

Check out the video below and see what you will receive by working with me to shift your limiting belief by increasing your intuition, becoming psychic, highly intuitive in order to decipher signs that are already coming your way, daily road signs.

Let me help you reach your next level specifically in settling your mind that wanders, learn techniques that definately strengthen your vitality so you have the motivation to pursue your inner purposeful longings.

Mindfulness & Cashflow

Increase Client Flow with this prayer


Release Belly Fat in 1-Minute a Day (when you feel fit, your business ideas are also healthy)