3 steps to financial flow

Step 1: We all go through times where we rebel from doing what we know needs to be done. Yes rebel. We might watch videos, or just do one more episode of that favorite drama. Step 1 … notice the rebel

Step 2: I am finding that creating a time frame around distractions is helpful. Without the boundary, I notice that I slip into another episode. To shift to getting into your grove, set blocks of time, one-hour power bursts. I set a timer on my phone. Step 2 set a timer

Step 3: Also, finding a buddy or a mentor to hold you accountable for my actions works for me. Allow yourself to commit to having it all! Commit to having an accountability plan that supports you in succeeding in your business. We can all be successful and yes, it takes systems to achieve a 6-figure income. Everyone wants the money, and there are steps to follow to generate it in your life.

I will say, it is worth it for me to have peace of mind around money.
Mary Morrissey says: “inspiration without action, is merely entertainment.”
We all have a choice. You can choose a 6-figure income in 2018, make the leap and commit to you. Step 3 … want 6 figures, setup an accountability plan
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