In order to transform an old limiting belief, follow these steps:

1. Engage your mind recalling a positive memory of an event that had a successful outcome.
2. Activate your 5 senses by feeling, tasting, touching, recalling the sound associated with it use your visualization abilities.
This will magnify the memory, the picture in your mind of the event. You can add color, a smell, a sound and a happy feeling.
3. As you hold that memory, the feelings and everything associated with the happy memory, this becomes your success “mental equivalent”.
4. Anchor in your mind more than once recalling this success memory.
5. Then when a limiting belief crosses your mind, recall this pleasant memory. This will become the new mental equivalent of success.awned on me this morning that in order to have a rapid spiral upward in growth, something must be shifted in mindset. This we refer to in Science of Mind as the “mental equivalent”.