5 Steps: Double Your Income

The 1 THING that Stands Between You & Doubling Your Income
Adopt 1 practice everyday after you have done: Spiritual practice like yoga and make sure to check in with the family.

1. Okay, for 4 Focused Hours, very focused hours, I keep my mind on the goal at hand. The goal is: fill my pipeline today for next week, next month, next year by doing what I do best. It might be coaching calls, networking, real estate prospecting, or follow-up.
2. Dan Sullivan calls it our “Unique Ability”. Everyone has 1 thing that comes easy and they do it very well. Mine is finding money blocks or real estate deals.
What’s Your Gift, Your Service to the World?
3. From a Place of strength, add the idea that your unique ability, your gift is your gift from the Divine within.
4. Next, acknowledge your value and worth by CLAIMING the exchange in monetary value. Have the intention of doing what you love while being in service of others.

5. Claim out loud to the Universe, I am ready to serve in exchange for $$$$$$$.



Keep claiming that you are coming from a place giving your very best in service of others.