Make Exponential Leaps in your Business

Avatar: Knowing your ideal customer you serve is the key ingredient to achieving success in your business. This is often referred to in the industry as your avatar.

To get clear on your avatar, make a paragraph list of details such as: age, demographic where they live, their likes, education level, what type of purchases they spend their money on and most important, What is their WHY? What lights them up to want to work with you or buy services or products from you.

For instance, I am clear that conscious women who own small businesses that want 6-figure incomes utilizing spiritual principles are my avatar.

Their WHY is “to make a difference in the world doing what they love and knowing that their vocation is in serving others, their business is purposeful and they are growing into the best expression of themselves as God ever-expanding through them.

My avatars want peace of mind and the freedom that comes with having a healthy income and the knowing that when they do want to spend on themselves or their loved ones, they can do so with ease and grace.  They are women who know the difference between working at a job, and doing what they love.  They also want to continue to develop and strengthen their connection with the Creator, God, the Divine.

Below is a Radio Show Interview Podcast:  The first 30 minutes of this recording is with Entrepreneur on Fire John Lee Dumas and the second part is with Ken Buck who focuses on getting testimonials for your business. I hope you enjoy this recording. If you do, PLEASE give FEEDBACK.